About Mama’s Preserves

I really do love what I do, from planting the plants to picking the product to bringing it to Market. I have been blessed in so many ways to be able to do it all. Making the preserves is a huge bonus! A real passion of mine! I never thought I would be a jam maker, but I love it! It started about 15 years ago with just two flavors, olallieberry and raspberry. I had excess fruit, I hate waste so I thought I would play around. My family loved it and that was the beginning! Today I make over 20 flavors and have new ones on the horizon. My ideas come from my fans. I feel the key to a good preserve is to have the best tasting fruit at the peak of the season…and I am blessed with that! It’s not all about eating bread these days. Preserves have become mainstream over cheeses, meats, in sauces, over ice cream…

Every day is a blessing for me. Each piece of fruit or vegetable a masterpiece.

I love seeing my customers with smiles on their faces. The dedication week after week, year after year…Thank you for your love and support. It means the world to me!

Lori Heal